Saturday, 2 December 2006

Selected Sound Library Special

, the hamburg based library company started with the 9000 series in 1968.

Their main composers during the 60/70ies were Roland Kovac, Friedel Berlipp aka Berry Lipman, Bob Elger, Delle Haensch, Hardy Kingston, Klaus Wuesthoff & Gerhard Trede among others. Also wide known jazz piano & keyboard player Rolf Kuehn who mainly released on the MPS jazz label composed a few nice songs for Selected Sound. Niagara’s mastermind and drum virtuoso Klaus Weiss was responsible for two Selected Sound libraries (9067 – Time Signals & 9076 - Sound Inventions) that are most wanted by beat producers because of their fat drum sounds and breaks.

All records from the 9000 series had the same conservative, simple artwork, coloured in golden brown, not showing that there could be anything exciting on these records.


Indeed, among the 122 library records (9001–9122) that were released from 1968 to 1987, there is as many crap as fantastic obscure, funk, & jazz pearls – and not just for you beats ‘n’ breaks diggers & producers, also for the jazz & funk listeners.

In contrast to other library companies who reissued some of their finest works from the 70ies, Selected Sound – which is now owned by EMI Music Publishing – doesn’t seem to be interested in their old repertoire anymore.
Only the two most sought after libraries from Roland Kovac (9028 – The Master Said & 9030 – Love That) who usually go for 100USD at ebay, have been reissued on CD by german’s progressive rock reissue label “Garden Of Delights”. Besides these two CD reissues, who are representing the most psychedelic and krautrock side from all Selected Sound releases, there are just two compilations who compiled a whole album with Selected Sound stuff only:

  • “DJ Deeno presents Action Passing” (FinderFinger, 2002)
  • “Pop Boutique Vol. III” (Spinning Wheel, 1999)

I can recommend them both, although you can't find any info at all about Selected Sound and their album titles and numbers.
As it is very hard to find any infos about those old library records, I decided to open my blog with this special.

'The Pearls Of The Selected Sound Libraries Vol. I' (1968-1980)

  1. Roland Kovac New Set - Nymphe (9077)
  2. Orchestra Bobby Gutesha - Special Distance (9039)
  3. Made In Germany - Gang's Race (9039)
  4. Roland Kovac Trio - Rhythm On The Rocks (9014)
  5. Bob Elger And His Orchestra - Hard Work (9008)
  6. Rolf Kuehn - 66 Park Avenue (9040)
  7. Berlipp's Brass Band - Helicopter Power (9029)
  8. Guenter Platzek - Matchbox Driver (120)
  9. Delle Haensch & Hans Conzelmann - Pipeline (9062)
  10. Delle Haensch Band - Gran Canyon (9049)
  11. Rex Brown Company - Act Of Threat (9053)
  12. Delle Haensch Band - Ice And Snow (9019)
  13. Bob Elger And His Orchestra - A Woman Is Born (9012)
  14. Rolf Kuehn - Playmate (9040)
  15. Orchestra Gary Pacific - All My Way Down (9039)
  16. Kurt Drabek & Klaus Wuesthoff Orchestra - Clouds (9083)

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